Public Participation { 170 images } Created 20 Mar 2019

The act of tearing a photograph creates uneasiness, evoking notions of the political and economic tensions surrounding the border's position within the Brexit negotiations, symbolising the divorce of the UK from the 27 remaining states. The Invisible In-between shows the viewer the ambiguous reality of the border & encourages them to consider its intangible nature & the uneasiness surrounding it.

This booklet is a small selection of over 500 participants.

Members of the public were given simple instructions when asked to participate.

Choose a photograph
Tear the photograph along where they think the UK / EU border is, within the photograph
Glue the two separate pieces of the photograph to the page
Comment on how they feel about the period of uncertainty since Article 50 was invoked and the potential Brexit.
Write their first name and where they come from.
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