A Portrait of Lockdown { 21 images } Created 15 May 2020

Instigated by a commission from Historic England A Portrait of Lockdown documents the thoughts and feelings of Amazon associates in MAN 3 Fulfilment Centre near Bolton, on the current COVID 19 crisis.

I worked for Amazon for five months as a warehouse associate when my photography practice was impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Unlike many people, Amazon associates were still able to work, even if in an adapted way, to account for social distancing and the many other safety measures implemented.

The initial commission of 5 images for Historic England's archive turned into a new larger project, building on two previous projects exploring identity and perception, The Invisible In-between and Duality, the latter a collaboration with photographer Simon Bray.

Like Duality a Portrait of Lockdown is a typology of portraits, with a portrait to represent each day of lockdown in the UK. It’s explores the perception of a huge corporation such as Amazon but more importantly the individuals that work there.

Each participant is asked to write two comments positive or negative about how Lockdown and or COVID 19 has impacted them personally, as an individual.

Amazon supported the project by allowing me to make new portraits for the last hour of every shift I worked. 130 portraits were made of individuals from 25 different nationalities.
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